Laser Scanning

3D scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape, construction and condition of a building or object, obtaining large amounts of detail very quickly. Using the very latest technology in surveying technique, at AbsoluteGeo we are able to use 3D laser scanning to produce newly detailed and accurate information in the form of point clouds and scalable images.

The point cloud can be used for BIM/Revit/3d modelling. We supply the data as a registered point cloud, 2D plans with elevations and sections or both. This information can then be used to produce accurate drawings for conservation projects, church buildings, complicated roof structures, buildings in need of structural repair or refurbishment, contextual information adjacent to or surrounding the immediate site.

Drone Surveys

Using drones, we can provide a safer and more cost effective solution when it comes to providing accurate information on any project that involves working at height, hard to reach areas or a quick turnaround of 3D data capture.

Drone surveying is an ideal way to rapidly capture data over a large area of land, which can be used for detailed design, analysis and visualization.

Data can be used to inform the commissioning of further surveys through analysis of photography or provide 2D/3D survey data.

At AbsoluteGeo, through partnering with fully licensed pilots, we have the capability to capture drone-generated images and use cloud-based photogrammetry platforms to process high-quality orthomosaic maps and 3D models. thus giving professionals the ability to make linear, point-to-point measurements without the need to manually capture data.

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Setting Out

We do setting-out of buildings, roads and civil services. After construction, we do as-built surveys to check if construction was done to specifications.

Asbuilt Buildings And Structural Surveys

From our highly detailed measured building surveys we produce clearly presented, highly detailed and accurate plans, elevations and sections of all types of buildings.

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Quantities & Volume Audits

We calculate stock pile volumes, or the volume of concrete poured on a surface. We survey before and after the alteration to calculate the difference in volume.